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Model: doba_33944978
Stainless steel, durable and flexable, cuts nails and cuticles with ease.Handle comes in rosewood trim - a touch of elegance for your manicure.Overall 3 3/4" long with 1/2" clipping nose. rosewood handles 3.75" long side-clipper 1/2" clipper blades excellent quality..
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Model: doba_33944891
Even the thickest and most difficult toenails are no match for this medical-grade clipper.Great for thick or calcified nails or calluses.Overall 4" long with 3/4" nose; double spring action. double spring action sturdy stainless steel professional quality..
$13.16 Ex Tax:$13.16
Model: doba_35344806
This is a top quality toe nail clipper for your pet.Most typically used for dogs.Cat's nails are retractable, which makes it more difficult (and dangerous) to trim them.This clipper has a strong spring action in the handle, and a steel jaw to give a clean cut, but in a gentle way.This clipper is 4 3..
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Model: doba_35277965
Revlon toenail clip sharp curved blade 33010..
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Model: doba_28128082
Sally hansen la cross sapphire file 70801 4 1/2'..
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Model: doba_33944894
The slightly bent cutting edge gets to those hard-to-reach cutilces wihout damaging surrounding skin.Made of stainless steel, they're easy to handle and work in professional settings, or at home.Overall 4 inch long with 1/4 inch blades. this 4 inch cuticle nippper made of precision brushed stainless..
$11.24 Ex Tax:$11.24
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