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Model: doba_33944978
Stainless steel, durable and flexable, cuts nails and cuticles with ease.Handle comes in rosewood trim - a touch of elegance for your manicure.Overall 3 3/4" long with 1/2" clipping nose. rosewood handles 3.75" long side-clipper 1/2" clipper blades excellent quality..
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Model: doba_33944891
Even the thickest and most difficult toenails are no match for this medical-grade clipper.Great for thick or calcified nails or calluses.Overall 4" long with 3/4" nose; double spring action. double spring action sturdy stainless steel professional quality..
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Model: doba_35344806
This is a top quality toe nail clipper for your pet.Most typically used for dogs.Cat's nails are retractable, which makes it more difficult (and dangerous) to trim them.This clipper has a strong spring action in the handle, and a steel jaw to give a clean cut, but in a gentle way.This clipper is 4 3..
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Model: IDXFXP540808
This unisex fragrance was created by the house of Maurer and Wirtz with perfumer Geza Schon and released in 2012. It is an addition to their 4711 collection meant for both men and women to wear. This lovely citrus scent is full of sunshine and happiness...
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Model: IDXFXPO34
Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta unisex cologne is a sophisticated fragrance that was first released by Acqua di Parma in 2003. With a blend of notes that includes Thai resins, patchouli, white musk, jasmine, and orange, Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta is a warm reminder of outdoor aromas and subtle ..
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Model: IDXFXP447011
Acqua Di Parma was introduced in 1916 by Acqua Di Parma as a sharp fruity aroma for men. This masculine scent is a concert of rosemary, citrus, lavender. Enticing, Acqua Di Parma is recommended for casual wear...
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Model: IDXFXP547158
A versatile perfume for women which is delicate enough for warm weather but with strong notes fo wear on even cold nights, Aerin Tangier Vanille is a pleasant Oriental fragrance first introduced by Aerin in 2016. It opens with top notes of vanilla, rose and bergamot, with an amber heart following cl..
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Model: dpt_PET-Q3IAH2800S
Details : DOT- and FDA 510(k)-cleared alcohol breath screener Sleek, foldable mouthpiece design 1-button operation for fast and easy testing Wide test range from .00% to .40% Electric air-flow sensor Sample concentration sensor Sensor-recognition technology Ruby-red LED display Includes 3 mou..
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Model: IDXBLScoconut-2
Always free shipping in the USA. So remember your price is what you see here, no shipping or handling fees! We're nuts for coconut! Coconut and Shea Butter combine to create this handmade vegan soap. Coconut is a popular scent in skin care, shampoo and lotions and beloved by men and women alike. Ea..
$22.91 Ex Tax:$22.91
Modeled after our ever popular Camper's Friend soap recipe this insect repellent is a great all natural, no chemical, no DEET alternative to other commercial insect repellents. Ours comes in a 6 ounce bottle with pump fine mist sprayer with cap so you can take it with you in your backpack or throw i..
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Model: IDXBLSrosegarden-2
Always free shipping in the USA. So remember your price is what you see here, no shipping or handling fees!   Pretty in Pink   All Natural Rose Garden Handmade Soap smells like a classic rose garden. Rose has long been a favorite in soap and ours is organic, all natural and absolutely incredible...
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